The Little Things Count!

Last Friday our team gathered for our usual inservice and professional development. This week it was “that time of year” where we completed our mandatory CPR training. Having done this year on year these can be days where we gloss over the information that is being presented as we have done it “many times before”.

I was so proud of how the team fully engrossed themselves with the training. We had a great morning thanks to the team and it was a great opportunity to share some stories about the times we have “unfortunately” had to apply such knowledge and have a laugh or two along the way to lighten the mood.

It reminded me of an event that occurred earlier in the year when one of our younger staff, who was completing a community visit with a client, was confronted with the reality addressed by the day’s training. Her long term client had a cardiorespirtory arrest and she quickly and efficiently provided CPR and emergency care. Afterwards she was understandably upset by the events that had occurred, and I don’t think she fully understood the impact that she had on that client and their family.

I received a phone call the following day from the family and also from the nursing company also involved in the care of that client, both of whom could not believe the poise and clarity she displayed in her response to the situation when she commenced CPR prior to the arrival of the ambulance which had been called.

When I relayed this to her, she assured me she did not feel calm at the time, but reacted out of instinct and it just “happened so quickly”.

I was so proud of her, especially given she is just at the beginning of her career, as I am of my team! Great job guys, you never know just how big the impact you may have in the lives of the people we serve!


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