OT Week 20 – 26th October

By Catherine Ly

This years theme is “reach your pOTential”.

In the spirit of spreading awareness I thought I’d share a recent experience.

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit my mum and indulged in some of her home cooking. We got to talking and she told me that my old dancing teacher had recently had a stroke. I started probing and asked how it had affected him; Can he talk? Can he eat? Can he walk? Can he shower? How’s his wife? etc After a bit of a chat I realized that he has a right side hemiparesis and is receiving therapy to assist with one handed tasks such as dressing, eating and showering.

My mum sat there looking at me with a mixture of confusion and pride in her face. I realized that she didn’t really understand what an Occupational Therapist is.

My Mum supported me through the blood, sweat and tears of 4 years of university but never really understood what I was studying to become.

I explained to her that I not only work with stroke but other neurological conditions and conditions that affect aged care as whole. She was particularly interested in how I assist people achieve independence; equipment prescription, modifications, education, re-training, compensation, task breakdown, the list goes on!

She was quite proud of herself when she could explain the difference between an OT and PT.

So that’s one more person who is aware of the role of an Occupational Therapist!

This week, wear a purple and yellow ribbon and start a conversation with someone with the hope to promote our profession!

Happy OT week!

One thought on “OT Week 20 – 26th October

  1. I’m sure she is very proud Catherine!

    I think my mum only just knows what I do, and my extended family think that i massage people!

    There needs to be more promotion to improve awareness, so the people can access these services. Nice post!

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