Blues or Maroon? What side do you sit on?

It’s days like today we all have to declare our alliance. Blue or Maroon. And I have to admit I’m not an NRL/league fan. Sorry but tonight’s game can come and go and I don’t really care.

I used to like the sport but a husband who worked for 60+ hours a week, was at all the games, and could tell me all players by name. They became an uninvited part of our everyday life. You got it, I was a football Physio’s wife and let me tell you it’s not an easy job. Being the physio for them I mean.

Sporting or travelling Physio’s have it tough. You might think that surely the accolade makes up for it. Sports Physio’s are set up before everyone arrives, work through everyone’s lunch break, and are treating long after the day is done. Private practice is a little like this. Making yourself available when others are free for their appointment. Ever gone to Physio before work, after work or during your lunch break? That’s when people want to come for their appointment. There’s lots of sacrifices that come with the job.

– Late nights mean you miss the evening bath time for the kids, or in fact any time that day with your kids
– Early starts and there is no coffee shops open.
– Weekends means missing out on the family time or seeing kids in their weekend sports. Ducking out of town for a long weekend just doesn’t work
– It’s often contractural work – often the same volatile contracts that the players have. Miss getting someone back on the park and wondering where that leaves you? Cyclical nature. Months out from the end of a contract and you’re wondering where that leaves you.

I’m lucky. My husband chose our family. Chose to have us on weekends and be around for the nights with a young family. For him the sacrifice was too big. Next time your physio fits you in before your work, after work or on the weekend remember what they might be giving up in order to do that and how many times they’ve done that in the week, month or year!

Go the Blues!

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