One Leg and Standing

The Solo Step was not a light hearted purchase. 

Though we saw it and wanted it.  We thought that the logistics of getting it into Australia was going to be the difficult part.  Having previously not brought anything bigger than a Venetian Vase into the country, the challenges of 12 feet of metal and its attachments didn’t actually rear its ugly head…   

And it is everything we possibly imagined.  EVERYTHING.

Cane Walk cropped

Since its been installed we’ve seen the cutest little 4 year old taking some amazing hard earned steps.  One of our 80 year old amputees up on his leg walking for the first time, supported, encouraged and working hard.

Body Weight support is an amazing treatment tool.  And the Solo Step… well just fantastic.  It takes body weight support to another level, being able to access 360 degrees of the client, without the worry of cumbersome aides or treadmill getting in the road.

The ability to walk is the most common goal our clients have.  Achieve that and its onwards and upwards.  The simple first steps are often never so.  Not only enduring through many arduous hours of Physiotherapy in order to return to meaningful activity requires return of ones CV fitness, strength, muscle length and core stability.  It takes a number of professionals, family and friends in order to assist in this process.  The Solo Step allows our patients to challenge their abilities and increase the level of practice/participation.  There is no risk of falling so our therapists are able to set very challenging programmes for our clients.

We’ve got our 80 year old amputee up and boxing.  4 year olds walking for the first time.  Orthopaedic multi-trauma walking “normally” again.  All enhanced with The Solo Step…..

2 thoughts on “One Leg and Standing

  1. This is absolutely wonderful! Technology certainly is a great thing. I know! I had a stroke in Mar 2012 that left me with severe right drop-foot. One day I was able to try a new device called a WalkAid. It’s an electrical stimulation device that has enabled me to walk pretty darn near normal! Thank you for this wonderfully uplifting post!

    • The Walkaide is a great adjunct to both therapy and everyday walking!! Great work. Love reading your blog. Its so important for people to hear the patient’s journey!! Thanks and keep it up

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