Our Story

I want the opening blog to emblaze both what Rehab Health and Fitness Australia (now to be known as RHFA) is all about and what Peter and I hold near and dear personally and professionally.  When I think what it takes to run RHFA, the hours, the late nights, the tears, the joy simply to guide it and its staff makes me smile.  Who would have thought that in 2 short years we would be supporting a team of 15 and have built a multidisciplinary specialist centre?

Peter and I commenced our adventure together.  And importantly whatever is thrown our way we are together throughout this journey.  We are the other person’s sounding board, their clinical advisor, their word finder, phone number locator and together – Peter and Julienne Locke – are Rehab Health and Fitness Australia.

We would be, of course, no where without a few lucky breaks, some chance encounters, numerous eccentric patients and a fantastic team of staff behind us.  All that in addition to our family.  Our family is most important to us.  They are the reason this came into existence and continue to be our strength.  Our little family of 4 and our extended family of now over 52 (hopefully with more additions soon) are behind all of our experiences, goals and bigger pictures and we cherish all of the time we have together.

And in a nutshell that is it.  That summarises what we are about.  But it still doesn’t tell you anything about Rehab Health and Fitness Australia.  Just Peter and Julienne on this journey together.

People have told me that Healthcare users don’t want to know about the “story”.  That they want to refer or visit a Physiotherapist, have the need attended to and move on.  But one of the reasons for our success is our story.  It is each valued encounter we have had with our clients, each light globe changed, each loaf of bread picked up on the way to an appointment and much to Pete’s horror every Calf that has been delivered.  In the community being allowed into a person’s home opens up their life to you and to give them a little bit back is important.  It makes it an equal footing, an even ground.  This is addition to compassion, empathy, dedication and our clinical skills make us the successful business we are today.

No longer are we just Peter and Julienne on this journey together.  We have a wonderful team of Allied Health professionals behind us.  And to this we write this blog.  A way to show you into our world of Healthcare and show you our team’s passion for what they do.  To show you some products we love, journal we read, inservices and presentations we complete and attend.  And most importantly to ensure that “Our Story” continues past the business that is Healthcare.

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